Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Must-See Rare Christmas Classics on DVD

Some of our favorite childhood memories revolve around sitting in front of a TV during the holidays, eating misshapen gingerbread cookies and watching a Christmas movie with the entire family. We’ve continued the tradition with our families, but some of our favorite holiday films have been difficult to track down on DVD! However, fear not, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Christmas films, all available on quality DVDs, so you can relive those treasured moments. We hope to bring back some of that nostalgia for you!

This holiday Christmas movie was made for TV, making a DVD copy extra special! Featuring the talented Dolly Parton, this film follows the country singer as she makes her way through the Tennessee mountains for a much-needed getaway from her famous life. However, she finds herself in the company of seven orphans, a witch, a sheriff and a conniving paparazzo! With a Snow White-esque feel, this movie features a beautiful snowy landscape and a wonderful performance by Parton.

Even the mere mention of Disney’s Christmas brings back a rush of colorful memories. This DVD features six animated short films, including:

·        Once Upon a Wintertime (1954)
·        Santa’s Workshop (1932)
·        The Night Before Christmas (1933)
·        Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952)
·        On Ice (1935)
·        Donald’s Snow Fight (1942)
Some of our favorite Disney characters that your children will surely recognize make very special appearances! With classic animation and wonderful music accompaniments, your little ones will surely enjoy these cartoons. Our DVD even features two bonus animations! Pop this movie into the DVD player for a cozy, fun family night.

Sometimes a little romantic comedy is just what you need when you’re cuddling with your significant other in front of a cozy fire. Undercover Christmas has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing—not exactly what you would expect from a romantic comedy! This film has quickly become a cult holiday classic because it has a little bit of drama, some crime and, of course, a love connection.

What are some of your favorite hard-to-find holiday films? Check out our Christmas category and see if we have it in stock! If you see we’re missing one of your favorites, let us know!

Happy Holidays!